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I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

1h 46m Crime, Drama, Mystery 2004

AroView: Reteaming dir. Mike Hodges with star Clive Owen for a follow-up to the acclaimed CROUPIER, this takes more of a cue from the director’s 70s classic, GET CARTER, as a brooding tale of vengeance set in the London underworld.

It’s a classic case of “didn’t you kill my bruvver?”, with slimy ‘hard man’ Malcolm McDowell’s dirty deeds attracting the wrath of the victim’s older sibling (Clive Owen), who is reluctantly lured out of three years in hibernation for a bit of restorative justice. The plot simmers until the lid is eventually blown off in what is a solid crime story that capitalizes on the surly-suave charisma of its star.


Mike Hodges



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United Kingdom



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