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2h 6m Adventure, Family 2011

AroView: A state-of-the-art fantasy and homage to the origins of film and one of its earlier innovators, George Méliès (Ben Kingsley), whose long-forgotten creations are rescued by an orphan boy hiding in a Paris railway station.

Dir. Martin Scorsese gets a chance to indulge himself as a cinephile and preservationist, though in the process loses some of the essence of Brian Selznick’s strikingly innovative children’s novella, though it’s adorned with the finest imagery that money and technology can muster and is loaded with old world Parisian charm. The pleasures to be had may be tied to level of expectation, but overall, it’s a story of two halves that will equally intrigue young and old in unpredictable ways.


Martin Scorsese



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