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Fabian: Going to the Dogs

Drama, Romance 2h 58m 2021

AroView: A witty and inventive (not to mention epic) portrayal of Weimar-era Germany, based on Erich Kästner’s 1931 novel Fabian: The Story of a Moralist.

The raffish young Dr. Jakob Fabian (Tom Schilling) works as an advertising copywriter for a cigarette company by day, and haunts the city’s cabaret bars, brothels and artist studios by night. His pessimistic outlook is challenged when he finds himself falling in love with an aspiring actress, whose career is about to blossom thanks to a Babelsberg Studio mogul. But prospects for his future begin to wane when Fabian loses his job in the great wave of layoffs as the country slips irrevocably into moral decline.

“The film’s freewheeling dynamism and stylistic elasticity allow Fabian to shake off the stuffier tropes of historical drama.” ~Jonathan Romney, Screen Daily

“Graf makes “Going to the Dogs” an unpredictable visual experience, bracingly experimental for a 68-year-old filmmaker who hasn’t run out of gas.” ~Ryan Lattanzio, IndieWire



Dominik Graf









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