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Decision to Leave

2h 18m Crime, Mystery, Romance 2022

While investigating a possible murder case, a detective who employs idiosyncratic investigative methods becomes infatuated with the dead man’s beguiling widow – and potential killer – in this lush, mesmerising murder-mystery, with shades of Hitchcock’s Vertigo, from South Korean virtuoso and NZIFF favourite Park Chan-wook, winner of Best Director at Cannes 2022.

Handsome and happily married ace police detective Hae-joon (Park Hae-il) works the homicide squad in bustling Busan. His wife’s job in the distant seaside town of Ipo means they mainly live apart. Her absence makes things easier when Hae-joon, an insomniac, spends his nights on stakeouts – although the latter are few and far between, given the lack of murders to investigate. All that changes when a man’s body is found at the base of a mountain and Hae-joon encounters the defunct man’s wife, enigmatic and striking Seo-rae (Tang Wei). Curious about her blithe attitude regarding her husband’s death, Hae-joon stakes out her apartment – and continues to do so, long after Seo-rae has ceased to be a suspect… – Sandra Reid, NZIFF

“Ultimately a seductive romance, one made all the more fascinating by the boundaries the characters tread but never dare cross.” ~Iana Murray, The Playlist

“Crafted with unforced humor, ravishing visuals and commanding maturity, Decision to Leave intoxicates with its potent brew of love, emotional manipulation — or is it? —and obsession.” ~David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter


Chan-Wook Park


Korean, Mandarin




Korea (Republic of)



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