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Alvin's Harmonious World of Opposites

1h 13m Drama, Black Comedy 2015

In Alvin’s Harmonious World of Opposites first time feature director Platon Theodoris has produced a film that is simultaneously intriguing and enjoyable, surreal and funny. He creates a story imbued with magic realism, a world that seems familiar yet somehow becomes very, very different.

Alvin spends his days working as a Japanese translator, carefully creating the illusion of everyday normalcy to his friends, colleagues and to those around him. But then there’s the panda toys, the good-looking girl downstairs who Alvin spies upon but can’t summon the courage to talk to, the crazed and angry neighbour across the corridor, and the matter of something happening to his apartment. With tensions in his life and home steadily building-up and his friends putting increasing pressure on him, Alvin may have to finally escape.

“A genuinely unique new voice, [filmmaker Platon Theodoris] has crafted an offbeat, challenging little gem that you’ll be turning over in your head for days.” ~Film Ink

“Perplexing, but not so much so that it becomes unapproachable to audiences. Blurring themes of meditation, self-discovery and voyeurism through its peculiar protagonist, the film brings viewers into a slow-moving, surreal world that both disturbs and mystifies, setting audiences on edge as they await what happens next.” ~Kathy Rong Zhou, Slamdance


Platon Theodoris







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