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AroVideo is seeking to preserve its extensive specialist video and DVD library in Wellington, and are looking to donate our collection into a Trust entity that can ensure it can be enjoyed by future generations of film-lovers.

We ran a major fundraising campaign through PledgeMe in November 2022, but need to continue fundraising until a permanent solution can be found.

The library relies on the generosity of its patrons, however large or small, and you can help keep our doors swinging by making a donation into the following bank account:

ASB 12-3141-0102303-00.

We also accept donations of good quality DVD collections that are surplus to your requirements.

But wait, there’s more…

Sponsor a Film on AroVision

Is there a film you would like to see available on AroVision?

We have access to the extensive film libraries of Sony, Paramount, Warner Bros and StudioCanal, as well as many independents, but there are usually costs associated with the delivery of films that can make it unviable for us to acquire desirable titles with our small business-sized pockets.

However, you can help us further expand our range and spread the word about wonderful niche films by personally sponsoring a film for NZ$100 to help cover the delivery costs.

Your name will appear above the film’s synopsis on AroVision, and you will be able to watch the film any time you like.

Become an Affiliate

We also welcome enquiries from businesses and institutions who would like to become an AroVision affiliate.

If you have a Kiwi-made product or service that prides itself on excellence, we would love to make provision for you on AroVision.

If these options sounds like something you’d like to be part of, please send your AroVision sponsorship or DVD donation enquiry to us at

Thank you so much for supporting and streaming local!


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