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Western Stars

Documentary 1h 23m 2019

AroView: A live concert of Bruce Springsteen performing songs from his 2019 album Western Stars, which was critically acclaimed as a late era masterpiece for its elegiac presentation of classic themes from American Western mythology.

Directed by Springsteen himself along with longtime film collaborator Thom Zimny, this is an intimate experience of the artist performing in a sonorous 100-year old barn in his home state of New Jersey. The film also weaves in archival footage and Springsteen’s personal narration. An indispensable companion piece to a cinematic, story driven album that rewards re-visitations.

“Goes far deeper than the usual performance document, to sensitively explore what (Springsteen) sees as the state of his, and our, lives. It’s a ruminative, almost elegiac look at his life and career, filled with moments of uncommon beauty.” ~ Steve Pond, The Wrap.


Thom Zimny




United States