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Water Lilies of Monet: The Magic of Water and Light

Documentary, Biography 1h 30m 2018

Documentary telling the fascinating story of the origin of a massive work of art that broke with convention: Claude Monet’s The Water Lillies. In a Europe torn apart by WWII, the undisputed genius of French art disrupted the art world and changed it forever with his symbol of peace, hope, and resistance.

Also offers a unique, exclusive tour of the museums displaying Monet’s masterpieces, including the Orangerie Museum, the Marmottan Museum and the Orsay Museum, exploring the radical elements that revolutionised modern art.

Inspired by the international bestseller ‘Mad Enchantment: Claude Monet and the Painting of the Water Lilies’ (2016) written by Ross King. Dubbed the “Genius of Impressionism”, he is also featured in the film.


Giovanni Troilo


English, Italian





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