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Action, Thriller 1h 30m 2020

AroView: Darkly funny, high voltage psycho thriller with Russell Crowe perfect as an volatile emasculated man going berserk at an intersection one day, leaving carnage in his wake.

Synopsis: Rachel (Caren Pistorius) is running late getting to work when she crosses paths with a stranger (Crowe) at a traffic light. Soon, Rachel finds herself and everyone she loves the target of a man who feels invisible and is looking to make one last mark upon the world by teaching her a series of deadly lessons. What follows is a dangerous game of cat and mouse that gleefully takes road rage to an unpredictable and terrifying conclusion.

“The carnage is the point here, not any of the reasoning behind it, and Borte and Crowe bring it to a suitably frothing, furious head: Some movies just want to watch the world burn.” ~ Variety.


Derrick Borte





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