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Top Knot Detective

1h 27m Action, Comedy, Cult 2017

This is the story of how a failed Japanese samurai series became an instant cult classic.

“The film is a hilarious, ruthless and right-on homage to the excesses of Japan’s action/fantasy television, done in the faux-documentary style and a model of that form.” ~Michael Gingold, Birth.Movies.Death

“Top Knot Detective gets laughs from its dead-on recreation of the look of low-budget early 1990s J-TV, but it also manages to tell two quite complicated stories – the mutating plotline of the show Ronin Suirei Tentai (aka Top Knot Detective) as it reacts to backstage troubles and changing tastes and an intricate drama of rivalry, revenge, crime and murder.” ~Kim Newman


Aaron McCann


Dominic Pearce


Japanese, English, Cantonese




Australia, Japan

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