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Those Who Wish Me Dead

Action, Thriller 1h 39m 2021

Action thriller from director Taylor Sheridan, writer-director of WIND RIVER and writer of HELL OR HIGH WATER, that plays as a more straightforward survival story, with shades of 90’s pulp action and Neo-Westerns.

Angelina Jolie plays a smoke jumper in Montana struggling to accept her failure to prevent the deaths of three people in a forest fire. While out on patrol, she stumbles upon a teen murder witness who is being pursued by two ruthless assassins and uses her well-honed survival skills to protect him even as deadly lightnings storms rage and a massive forest fire threatens to engulf them.

“It’s a fierce, muscular piece of work, not a million miles from something like the Coens’ No Country for Old Men.” ~Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian


Taylor Sheridan







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