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The Raid 2

Action, Crime, Thriller 2h 30m 2014

AroView: Picking up from where it last left off, this epic sequel to the best martial arts movie in recent memory combines gangland melodrama (reminiscent of the Korean gangster wave) with the kind of high-impact fight scenes and stunt sequences that defy the laws of physics (not to mention, death or serious injury to its fearless performers).

Its expanse of the Indonesian underworld and the various crime syndicates at play has come at the expense of the original film’s run-and-gun tempo according to some critics. However, the scope of the narrative and introduction of new characters and factions lends a Shakespearean breadth to the action, which remains as breathtaking and bone-crunching as ever. Quite a different sequel, but one all the better for it.


Gareth Evans


Indonesian, Japanese, English




Indonesia, USA

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