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The Man In The Hat

1h 35m Comedy 2021

A charming British film for Francophiles, starring Ciaran Hinds, who in a near wordless performance, sets off on a curious journey from Marseilles in a tiny Fiat 500.

As he travels North through France, he encounters razeteurs, women with stories to tell, bullfights, plenty of delicious food, a damp man, mechanics, nuns, a convention of Chrystallographers and much more. Oh, and he appears to be being followed by five bald men in a Citroen 2CV!

“It may not be the highest stakes car chase film you have ever seen, but it will be the driving holiday you had always wished you had been on. The characters are odd, yet loveable and the use of music throughout really puts you at the heart of a French adventure.” ~Tim Berkbeck, Filmhounds


Stephen Warbeck








Open Palm Films, Limelight

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