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The Kid with a Bike

Drama 1h 27m 2011

AroView: Yet another impressive work of contemporary social realism from Belgian duo Jean-Luc and Pierre Dardenne, this time observing the growing pains of a troubled young boy who is taken in and fostered by a compassionate hairdresser.

A vindication of the Dardennes’ robust, often-imitated neo-realist style, this latest effort also proves more inviting than previous films in their canon, perhaps given the subtle introduction of music and a slither of movie star glamour in Cecile De France. But while a hint of sentimentality lingers in the dynamic between the young boy (effortlessly portrayed by Thomas Doret) and his surrogate caregiver, the stoicism behind the directors’ uncompromising worldview remains firmly intact, meaning we can expect from the brothers many more films of the same quality and integrity to come.

“An edge-of-your-seat emotional roller-coaster ride about ordinary people.” ~






Belgium, France, Italy

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