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The Illusionist

1h 30m Animation, Drama, Family, Fantasy 2010

AroView: Sylvain Chomet’s long awaitied follow-up to THE TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE is another exquisite animation, this time based on an unfilmed script by Jacques Tati.

The Tati-esque character (a tall, avuncular, laconic Frenchman) at its centre is a music hall magician who travels from Paris to Scotland in pursuit of ever-smaller stages for his one-man show. Imbued with nostalgic heartache, this is not only a resplendent homage to the comic icon but a lovingly-etched paean to the city of Edinburgh, faithfully rendered, yet never quite seen like this before. Mainly for adult tastes, but suitable for sophisticated kids as well.

“Gentle, affectionate, whimsical, but deeply felt and with an arrowhead of emotional pain.” ~ Peter Bradshaw, Guardian.


Sylvain Chomet


English, French, Scottish Gaelic


France, United Kingdom

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