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The Ice Road

Action 1h 48m 2021

In a diamond mine in northern Canada that operates under an ongoing threat of combustible methane gas, a spark ignites causing an explosion, leaving a group of miners trapped underground with only thirty-six hours of oxygen left.

Liam Neeson plays an ice road veteran who, along with his war-injured brother, join a hastily assembled team of skilled ice road drivers who embark on a dangerous rescue mission. Their job is to drive across an ocean of thin ice in eighteen-wheeler trucks to deliver lifesaving drilling wellheads to the mine before the oxygen runs out on the trapped miners. But plans are sabotaged by a rogue assassin in their midst…

“The thrills here are both cheap and oddly, comfortingly captivating. Of course nothing can ever kill Liam Neeson, but it is a whole lot of no-brain-necessary fun to watch everyone and everything try.” ~ Barry Hertz, The Globe & Mail (Toronto)







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