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The Amazing Maurice

1h 33m Family, Animation 2023

Rats! They’re everywhere… In the breadbins, dancing across the tabletops, stealing pies from under the cook’s noses. So, what does every town need? A good piper to lure them away.

That’s where Maurice, a streetwise tomcat with the perfect money-making scam, comes in. Everyone has heard of the stories about the pied piper and the town full of rodents. So, Maurice has found his very own pied piper and a plague of rats to trick gullible townsfolk into giving him lots of cash.

All is going well until they arrive in the far-flung village of Bad Blintz where they meet a book obsessed girl called Malicia, who enlists their help to solve the mystery of her town …

“Courtesy of source material by offbeat fantasy maestro Terry Pratchett, it’s genuinely eccentric enough — with its sly talking cat, intrepid band of gold-hearted rats and chronic aversion to keeping the fourth wall intact — to come off as charming rather than smarmy.” ~Guy Lodge, Variety

“It’s a fun, if slightly macabre option for family audiences.” ~Wendy Ide, The Observer


Toby Genkel




Germany, UK



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