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Spring Tide

2h 3m Drama 2019

“Three generations of one family turn a little apartment into a small-scale war zone in Yang Lina’s bracing, claustrophobic drama. It isn’t unusual for there to be friction in the dynamic between grandmother, mother, and daughter, but here the three represent the recent ages of China in a microcosm; fervent Communism, post-Tiananmen cynicism, and the brash new force whose future could go either way.” ~The Wee Review

Guo Jianbo is a journalist specializing in social news. She lives together with her mother and daughter. Many reports she covered brought her a lot of pain and agony. Her mother helps out in the local community after retirement. She is warm and friendly to all the residents and people in that community and regularly organizes singing competitions. But there seems to be an invisible glass wall between Guo and her mother. Guo’s daughter grows up and develops her own personality in the cracks of that invisible screen. The family ties that bind the three together and the nature of the times in which they each grew up have seeped into their veins like a deadly poison.


Tian-yi Yang


Mandarin Chinese






Pinnacle Films

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