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School Daze

2h 0m Comedy, Musical 1988

Spike Lee’s second film (or sophomore effort, as they call it in the States) is a music-filled, offbeat comedy that looks at black college life.

Amidst gala coronations, football, fraternities, parades and parties, the stars of the film - Laurence Fishburne (“Dap” Dunlap), an intense student who encourages his buddies to fight for his beliefs; Giancarlo Esposito (Julian “Big Brother Almighty” Eaves), out to strengthen the Greek system with his Gamma Phi Gamma fraternity brothers; Spike Lee (“Half-Pint”), driven to become a “Gamma man”; and Tisha Campbell (Jane Toussaint), leader of the sorority, “Gamma Rays,” find themselves caught up in romance and relationships/rituals and rivalries during one outrageous homecoming weekend. With dynamic music and dance numbers, Lee successfully challenges viewpoints about self-identity and self-esteem in this original, contemporary musical comedy.

“Spike Lee’s black high-school musical is perhaps over-ambitious, but the disorder is compensated in sheer exuberance and butt-kickin’ attitude.” ~AroVideo


Spike Lee



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