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Room 212 (aka On a Magical Night)

1h 27m Comedy, Romance 2019

AroView: Playful French rom-com from acclaimed writer-director Christophe Honore (MA MERE, DAN PARIS).

Set over the course of one night, where an unhappily married woman, out for yet another extra-marital tryst, magically encounters her husband looking and acting as he appeared when they first met 20 years ago. Wistfully French, with nods to both 30’s French rom-coms and the New Wave era, this is a feather light and fanciful tale of marriage disfunction that is happily in love with itself.

“Beneath the impish, inventive surface lies real emotions around loyalty, devotion and how to ensure love never dies. It is a film as charming as it is touching.” ~SCREEN DAILY






Belgium, France, Luxembourg

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