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Richard Jewell

Biography, Crime, Drama 2h 11m 2020

AroView: A powerful biopic from the dependably compelling American story-teller Clint Eastwood, about Richard Jewell, the man who saved countless lives by reporting the discovery of the device that caused the Centennial Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta. Within days he was accused of being a terrorist who caused the bombing, and was vilified by the American press and public.

A meaty, slow-burning drama, examining the media industry’s penchant for demonising and glamourising, and the effect this has on Eastwood’s favourite character type, the humble heroic American underdog.

“Somewhere within its surprisingly pacey two-plus hours is a compelling group portrait of ordinary oddballs in cruel circumstances; it relays Eastwood’s appreciation for individuals over masses better than any speech ever could.” ~ Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, The A.V. Club.


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