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1h 30m Anime, Drama, Fantasy 2006

AroView: Mind-altering extravaganza of stolen dream technology from the anime trailblazer behind PERFECT BLUE, forged from the director’s pet themes of media, spectatorship, and fiction-reality fusions.

Another meta-hybrid of cinema homage and real-world narrative, this is a dexterous circus act of film genre, dream logic, and apocalyptic thrills, centred around a team of scientists who must retrieve a prototype dream recorder which has fallen into the wrong hands. Headache-inducing in the best sense, Kon’s latest animation is also one of his most relentlessly enjoyable in its roller-coaster pace, and is so overwhelmingly detailed that it demands repeat viewings.


Satoshi Kon


English, Japanese

Closed Captions [CC]

English [cc]



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