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Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Action, Thriller 2h 12m 2011

AroView: A back-to-basics fourth installment of the MI franchise sees an evergreen Tom Cruise go rogue to clear IMF’s name while in pursuit of a fugitive terrorist with nuclear warhead launch codes at his disposal.

Ditching the chewy melodrama of previous Mission: Impossible outings while upping the ante in death-defying stunts, high-wire chase sequences, and ingenious spy gadgetry, this satisfyingly returns the franchise to its high-tech espionage roots, albeit with a new jet-setting, international flavour that gives Bond a decent run for his money.

“Dir. Brad Bird juices and gooses the whole affair with edge and excitement, new energy, humor and heartbeat, and a terrific feel for big, bold, audaciously daring sequences.” ~AMERICAN PROFILE


Brad Bird








Paramount Pictures

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