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Lassie Come Home

1h 36m Adventure, Drama, Family 2020

Cinema’s most famous dog returns in a modern, German re-telling of a classic story, which remakes the 1943 movie based on Eric Knight’s book “Lassie Come Home”.

Lassie and 12-year-old Florien are inseparable best friends, so it breaks both their hearts when Lassie is sent away after Florien’s father loses his job. While Lassie’s temporary minders, which includes 12-year-old Priscilla, mean well; Lassie is mistreated by an opportunist caretaker and escapes the first chance she gets. It is the start of an epic adventure across southern Germany as Lassie makes her way back home while Florien and Priscilla set out to find her. Both human and canine characters face many challenges and obstacles, but the bond between a child and their dog is not one that can be severed easily.

“What you come to expect from a family-friend pooch film, Lassie Come Home provides in spades. Its predictability, along with a nostalgic nod to a time not riddled by CGI creations, breeds joy, particularly for the kids in the room who will scream in delight watching dogs be adorable.” ~FilmInk


English dubbed



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