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LaRoy, Texas

1h 52m Crime, Comedy 2023

AroView: A ten-gallon comedy noir in the fine tradition of the Coen Brothers, with Steve Zahn and John Magaro as lovable lunkheads mixed up in the dirty hitman business that Dylan Baker brings to their two-bit town in the US of A.

All the tropes are present and correct for a dude-comedy with Texas in the title, but the twists are fresh and the tone is on-the-money, and so y’all be set for a fun night at home on the couch.

“John Magaro, Steve Zahn, and Dylan Baker lead a cast of stellar character actors in a film that winds up being one of the better Fargo-adjacent movies we’ve gotten in some time.” ~Nate Richard, Collider


Shane Atkinson



Closed Captions [CC]



USA, France



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