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I Am Not Madame Bovary

2h 19m Comedy, Drama 2016

The story of a café proprietor who spends a decade petitioning the Chinese legal system after being swindled by her ex-husband and accused of being an adulterer. A caustically comic contemporary fable based on Liu Zhenyun’s 2012 novel I Did Not Kill My Husband.

“An overlong mid-section stagnates after the novelty of the premise wears off, but a couple of plot twists late in the game raise the stakes again and Xiaogang Feng, with his signature dry humor and newfound creative juices, hits too many marks on this one for it to disappoint.” ~ Zhuo-Ning Su, The Film Stage

“The film’s look is as striking as Fan’s performance.” ~ David D’Arcy, Screen Daily


Feng Xiaogang


Mandarin Chinese






Huayi Brothers Media

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