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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

2h 37m Family, Adventure, Fantasy 2005

Aroview: The fourth chapter in the unfolding Harry Potter series marks a devastating plunge into raw suspense and truly epic adventure for the young wizard (Radcliffe), who must cope with burgeoning hormonal emotions and the nagging quest to revenge himself upon Voldemort (Fiennes) for his parent’s murder.

Along the way young Harry attends his first school dance at Hogwarts and is chosen for a nasty Tri-Wizard tournament against several other schools of wizardry for the titular goblet. Although the condensation of J.K. Rowling’s extremely thick tome may disappoint a few diehard fans, this manages to cram in the main points, more importantly sustaining its commitment to atmosphere. Director Mike Newell (FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL) pulls good detail of earnestness from his cast and the dreamlike logic of the fantasy is beautifully rendered.


Mike Newell



Closed Captions [CC]

English [cc]


United Kingdom

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