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Happy Feet

1h 48m Family, Animation, Comedy 2006

AroView: A winning animated tale of all-singing, all-dancing penguins in Antarctica, with Elijah Woods as the vocally-challenged ‘Mumble’ whose lack of a ‘heartsong’ (used during mating season to court the opposite sex) compels him to turn to tap dancing; whether this wins over his childhood sweetheart (Murphy) is another matter entirely.

While the predictability of life’s lessons follow, this is by far the most accomplished CG animated entry yet, with glorious 3D visuals matched by a throng of toe-tapping musical numbers. Especially fun are Robin Williams’ camp impressions as two eccentric penguins, while Woods’ bashful voicing of Mumble perfectly embodies the universal underdog, urging us to root for the little guy to bust a move, and not get served.


George Miller



Closed Captions [CC]

English [cc]


Australia, United States

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