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Greetings from Tim Buckley

1h 39m Drama, Music 2012

AroView: Avoiding the simplistic trappings of the music ‘biopic’, this is a sensitively handled elegy for the late Jeff Buckley, here portrayed with remarkable accuracy and conviction by Penn Badgley in the lead up to his legendary 1991 tribute concert to father Tim.

Careful not to load events with too much fictional narrative, the estrangement of the father-son relationship is underscored by discreet flashbacks to the mid ‘60s when Tim Buckley first found success as a folk troubadour, a story that perhaps demands its own movie portrait.

“Dan Algrant’s lyrical recreation of a father-son relationship seen over time, through memory and music, has a sense of urgent originality that works even apart from its great Tim Buckley score.” ~The Hollywood Reporter

“Badgley is a revelation. He wears his role like a second skin.” ~Rolling Stone


Daniel Algrant







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