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Country Cabaret

1h 50m Comedy, Drama 2022

An unashamed French comedy crowd-pleaser that delivered just that at the 2023 French Film Festival. (French title: Les Folies Fermières)

Sometimes hard work and big ideas aren’t enough. David’s dairy farm is on the brink of liquidation. When he chances upon a dazzling nightclub performance by Bonnie Starlight, inspiration strikes. What if he turned his big old barn into a country cabaret? Not just for entertainment, but to promote local food producers, including his mother’s delicious cheese.

A crazy plan, for sure - which is exactly why he loves it! Everything seems on track for the big opening night, until David’s traditionalist grandpa steps in, hell-bent on putting an end to their follies. Can they save the show and save the farm? Based on a fabulous true story.

“Like any cabaret show, the bit between the beginning and the end is only as good as the individual acts and [director] Améris does have some great people to help him weave this yarn.” ~Graeme Tuckett, Stuff









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