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Butcher's Crossing

1h 47m Drama, Western 2022

Based on the seminal novel by John Edward Williams, Butcher’s Crossing is an epic frontier adventure that follows a young Harvard drop-out into the Colorado wilderness as he joins a team of buffalo hunters lead by Miller (Nicolas Cage) in search of a mythic herd of buffalo.

Little does he know, the journey will put his life and sanity at risk as they drive further into the Rocky Mountains. The adventure is both sublime and horrific, where a confrontation with dark truth leads to a descent into madness.

Detailing a gripping and largely untold chapter in American history, Butcher’s Crossing is a commentary on human nature, obsession, masculinity, and man’s relationship to his natural environment.

“Butcher’s Crossing makes a lot of little, stretching its small budget to the extreme to create a nightmarish saga of violent men who seem convinced of their own superiority over everything, especially the land.” ~Chris Evangelista, Slashfilm


Gabe Polsky



Closed Captions [CC]






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