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2h 6m Drama, Music 2021

A French-Canadian drama that presents a lightly fictionalized portrayal of the life of Quebec native Céline Dion, who was the 14th child in her family, and went on to become the most famous singer in the world.

Valerie Lemercier both directs the film and plays “Aline” at every stage of her life from childhood through to middle age, with her features digitally adjusted for age-appropriateness in post-production! Valerie mimes, however, to the performances of French singer Victoria Sio.

The headlines:

“Céline Dion Quasi-Biopic Aline Must Be Seen to Be Believed” ~Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair

“Think twice before you watch this scary Céline Dion biopic.” ~Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

“Shrunk to Hobbit size and Facetuned into near-oblivion, Lemercier scampers, preens and unnerves. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.” ~Kyle Buchanan, The New York Times


French, English




Canada, France



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