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Ace In The Hole

Drama, Film Noir 1h 51m 1951

Kirk Douglas is never fiercer in this scathing editorial on media sensationalism & the human spectacle, playing a callous newspaperman who exploits a trapped miner for his own journalistic gain.

A cave collapse in New Mexico traps a man, and all eyes turn toward the tragedy - including those of a washed-up newspaper reporter (Douglas) who sees the incident as a ticket back to his former days at the top of the journalism heap. As the media circus begins to swirl around the trapped man’s plight, he takes command of the situation, embellishing the unfolding drama and prolonging the rescue effort, while feeding stories to the nation’s reporters clamoring to cover the event.

A powerful, fascinating study of the dark side of the human soul from celebrated director Billy Wilder (SUNSET BOULEVARD).

“Too heartless and on the nose for its time, Wilder’s dark horse media satire hasn’t diminished in the slightest, plumbing the lower depths of American culture and moral fragility, all the while building towards a dizzying, carnivalesque finale lensed in the harshest of black and white” ~ AroVideo.


Billy Wilder


English, Spanish, Latin





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