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Let Them All Talk

Comedy, Drama 1h 53m 2020

AroView: A sublime, character-driven comedy-drama from director Steven Soderbergh, set aboard a luxury cruise liner and featuring remarkable (mostly improvised) performances from American grand dames Meryl Streep, Dianne Wiest and Candice Bergen.

The trio are crossing the Atlantic for Streep’s celebrated author to receive a prestigious literary award, with her millennial nephew (Lucas Hedges) and an opportunistic literary agent (Gemma Chan) also aboard.

Loaded with sly references to the tensions between high and middle-brow culture, this is a must-see for those who prefer character over plot in either literary or cinematic fiction, or who just want the pleasure of watching three mature acting legends at the top of their game.

“In addition to wonderful performances from an ace cast, especially Bergen in divinely flinty form, the production is a technical jewel.” - The Hollywood Reporter.







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