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The Clan

Crime, Drama 1h 48m 2015

Swaggering portrait of Argentina’s notorious Puccio Clan, who’s ruthless kidnap and ransom operation that both terrorized and fascinated the public in the eighties.

Critically acclaimed director Pablo Trapero (WHITE ELEPHANT) charts the horrific true story of the comfortably middle-class Puccio family, whose business in the early 1980’s consisted of kidnapping people even richer than themselves. The hauntingly cold-eyed Guillermo Francella (THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES) plays Arquimedes who, along with his family as accomplices, regularly actioned the unthinkable to his victims

“An unsettling and provocative thriller which can also be read as an allegory about bad faith and corruption in the post-dictatorship Argentina of the 1980s.” ~ Geoffrey Macnab, The Independent.


Pablo Trapero






Argentina, Spain