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In the Name of the Land

1h 43m Drama 2019
NZIFF 2020

AroView: Following the life of a stoic farmer across four decades, this bittersweet and deeply moving drama marks the directorial debut of French photojournalist Edouard Bergeon, who was inspired by his own childhood and the life of his father.

After returning from Wyoming to the Mayenne district of France in the late 70’s, a farmer (Guillaume Canet, NON-FICTION, SINK OR SWIM) marries his sweetheart and takes over his father’s farm, raising two children on it. At first life is idyllic, but the business soon succumbs to the challenges of farming in an increasingly globalised world. As conglomerates swallow up neighbouring farms, he fights to protect his way of life and traditional, small-scale farming practices.

A film which will resonate strongly with heartland Kiwis for it’s archetypal portrayal of rural life, and the affront to mental health and concepts of masculinity that modern day farming can take.

“A gut-wrenching cri de coeur about the ways rural life and agricultural methods have changed over the past 40 years.” ~ Lisa Nesselson, Screen International.



Edouard Bergeon






France, Belgium

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