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Under the Volcano

Documentary 1h 36m 2021

On a remote Caribbean island, under the shadow of an active volcano, the world’s biggest recording artists made music and myth that defined an era.

This documentary explores the rise and fall of AIR Studios Montserrat, which was built on the Caribbean island of Montserrat by Beatles’ producer Sir George Martin in 1979. A centerpiece of the 1980’s pop music scene, this custom-built, state-of-the-art recording facility birthed bangers such as “Money for Nothing” and “Every Breath You Take” before being destroyed by a series of devastating natural disasters. A fascinating look into a bygone era in music history.

“Catnip to the class of record nerds who care about which great records came out of which bygone studios… and this one certainly offers better scenery than, say, the Van Nuys-set ‘Sound City’” ~ Chris Willman, Variety.


Gracie Otto







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