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The World's End

Comedy, Sci-Fi 1h 49m 2013

AroView: The stars and director of SHAUN OF THE DEAD and HOT FUZZ reteam for this third installment of their “Cornetto Trilogy”, this time centering around a group of friends who regroup in their middle age to relive their fabled teenage pub crawl.

As things take a turn from cringe-inducing normality around the half-way mark, the boys pay gleeful homage to the tropes of the science-fiction genre in the inimitable way they did previously with the zombie-horror and the police actioner respectively. The brilliant establishing act enjoys extended comic rapport of the assembled talent trying to revive their lost youth before the increasingly silly mayhem kicks in. Though a little blunted by very high expectations and a slight sense of deja vu, this has emerged as a fan favourite that inspires repeat viewings.


Edgar Wright






USA, Japan, UK


Universal Pictures

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