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Sorry to Bother You

1h 52m Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi 2018

AroView: A brilliant, politically radicalized comedy marking a big splash debut for rapper turned writer/director Boots Riley that was apparently ten years in the making, yet is perfectly in sync with the volatility of Trump’s America.

Set in Oakland, California, where a black telemarketer learns to adopt his “white voice” to sell more products over the phone. But just as his career soars, his friends and girlfriend, a performance artist, are forming an activist collective to fight corporate oppression. Even though events take a turn into what could be called macabre existentialism, the director (and his excellent lead LaKeith Stanfield) command our attention throughout.

“Blends conventional comedy with political satire to produce a film that will generate laughter and a sense of discomfort in equal doses.” ~James Berardinelli, REELVIEWS


Boots Riley



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NBC Universal

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