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Drama 1h 21m 2015

AroView: A penetrating micro-budget independent drama that follows an estranged middle-aged woman’s efforts to reconnect with her family over thanksgiving dinner.

Shot in the film-maker’s family home and featuring many of his relatives as cast-members, this transcends its “home movie” aesthetic by channeling an authentic subjective reality (and riveting performance) through its eponymous character in conflict with her barely-repressed demons.

Synopsis: Krisha, the ageing black sheep of her family, returns after more than a decade away to seek forgiveness and share Thanksgiving dinner. The happy reunion is short-lived however, as cracks start to penetrate her carefully composed façade. Facing the past is something not everyone - especially Krisha - is ready for.

“Few movies bore into a character’s head as deeply as “Krisha,” and with such uncompromising ferocity.” ~ Manohla Dargis, New York Times.





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