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1h 45m Comedy, Drama, Crime 2020

AroView: Another clever and irreverent comedy from writer-director Miranda July (ME AND YOU AND EVERYONE WE KNOW) following a struggling family who survive on petty crime, and whose interdependence is interrupted by the arrival of an outsider (Gina Rodriguez).

Evan Rachel Wood is both mesmerising and hilariously dead pan in her portrayal of a 26-year-old woman who is suffering deeply from the emotional manipulation of her con-artist parents, and who finds her first experience of real love and affection in the most unlikely of places.

A brilliantly surreal and adventurous film that reveals an achingly big heart with its transcendent ending, this is the perfect antidote to status quo comedies.

“A beautifully bizarre film whose considerable strangeness allows for sharp observations about family, loneliness and the terror of emotional intimacy, Kajillionaire is further proof of writer-director Miranda July’s ability to bend reality to her will.” ~TIM GRIERSON, SCREEN DAILY


Miranda July



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