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Inch Allah

Drama 1h 25m 2012

A French Canadian doctor working in Ramallah experiences the conflict of the Israel-Palestine divide firsthand in this powerful tragi-drama.

Synopsis: Chloe is a young Canadian obstetrician working in a makeshift clinic in a Palestinian refugee camp in the West Bank, where she treats pregnant women under the supervision of Michael, a French doctor. Facing daily checkpoints and the separation barrier, Chloe is confronted with the conflict and the people it affects: Rand, a patient for whom Chloe develops a deep affection; Faysal, Rand’s older brother, a fervent resister; Safi, their younger brother, a child shattered by war who dreams of flying across borders; and Ava, a young soldier who lives next door to Chloe in her apartment in Israel.

“A sober, intelligently made drama.” ~ Variety.


French, Arabic, English, Hebrew




Canada, France

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