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In the Earth

Thriller, Horror 1h 45m 2021

AroView: A scientist and a park scout encounter madness and mysterious forces in the English forest in this compelling, deliciously off-kilter thriller from cult director Ben Wheatley. He finds a perfect metaphor in the Co-Vid pandemic for the pagan gothic themes previously explored in KILL LIST and A FIELD IN ENGLAND in what feels like an utterly contemporary comment on malevolent forces, both human and natural, that emerge in a world where the balance of nature is upset.

“It’s the first COVID movie that dares to think beyond what it can see in front of its face, venture into the world outside, and confront how terrifying and necessary it’s going to be to commune with nature on new terms when the nightmare is over.” ~David Ehrlich, Indiewire

“Freed from studio constraints, In The Earth is a psychedelic visual spectacle and a gory philosophical treatise on humanity’s nebulous and threatening relationship with nature.” ~Joe Lipsett, Consequence


Ben Wheatley








NBC Universal

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