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Hot Fuzz

2h 1m Action, Comedy, Mystery 2007

AroView: A tour-de-force of comedy from the creators of SHAUN OF THE DEAD, this fills every corner of its big widescreen with better jokes, bigger stunts and an altogether fuller script.

Co-writer Simon Pegg comes of age as an actor here as a by-the-book policemen who is assigned to duty in a quiet hamlet, where he suffers neither fools, parking offenders nor underage drinkers very gladly. But when a murder trail leads to the most unlikely suspects, the scene is set for hilarious set pieces straight out of the action, policier and gothic-thriller film-book. Rip-roaringly entertaining from start to finish, Pegg and his director/co-writer Edgar Wright certainly know their pop culture inside out, but also have no shortage of original ideas of their own.


Edgar Wright



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