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Good Manners

2h 10m Fantasy, Horror, Musical 2017

Synopsis: Clara, a lonely and desperate nurse from the outskirts of Sao Paulo, attends a job interview for a live in Nanny with the elegant and pregnant Ana. Although the difference in these women’s classes and backgrounds are undeniable, Ana decides to hire Clara. As the two begin to open up to each other, a strong bond and wary attraction develops between them.

Aroview: A genre-defying Portuguese film which artfully blends social satire and horror to tell the story of a nanny called Clara, who works for Ana, a wealthy pregnant woman in São Paulo. As the connection between the two women deepens, Clara begins to discover that Ana acts strangely whenever the moon is full. A deliciously dark drama in which themes of race, class and wealth are intertwined in a lycanthropic fairy tale.

“A lovingly and lyrically told fantasy that explores themes of class and sexuality, handling its tonal shifts with a deftness as light-footed as its female-centric cast” ~ Meredith Taylor, Filmuforia.


Marco Dutra


Juliana Rojas






Brazil, France, Germany

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