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Get Out

Horror, Mystery, Thriller 1h 43m 2017

Aroview: A deliciously fresh and contemporary paranoid thriller that puts an ingenious and spirited African-American spin on the conspiracy template set by such classics as ROSEMARY’S BABY.

After a pedigree in TV sketch comedy, director Jordan Peele moves behind the camera for the first time where he balances the light and dark tones and not only puts the viewer on the edge of their seat from the get-go but also inside the “skin” of a black man - doing both so effectively that he creates a new genre classic in its own right.

Equal parts gripping thriller and provocative commentary, Get Out is written and directed by Peele and produced by Blumhouse’s Jason Blum.

“Blending race-savvy satire with horror to especially potent effect, this bombshell social critique proves positively fearless — which is not at all the same thing as scareless.” ~ Variety.


Jordan Peele






USA, Japan

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