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Children of Men

1h 49m Sci-Fi, Thriller 2006

AroView: Clive Owen is pursued across a dystopian England of 2027 in this stimulating, pertinent sci-fi parable, rendered with stunning virtuosity by dir. Alfonso Cuaron.

Decay, despair and terrorism rule the land, but something far more dire is occurring: there have been no new human babies born since 2009. In a series of constantly exciting and surprising sequences, Owen navigates his way through a labyrinth of hostility and deception with the most precious of cargo; a pregnant mother, on whom may rest the fate of the human race. Captured in ground-breakingly elaborate takes and full-blown production design, this is a red carpet tour of the end of days, frightening in its all-too-possible implications.

“One of the year’s most imaginative and uniquely exciting pieces of cinema.” ~Scott Foundas, L.A. Weekly


Alfonso Cuaron



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Universal Pictures

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