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2h 5m Comedy, Romance 2011

AroView: Kristen Wiig and Rose Byrne bitch it out in this enjoyably, tastefully vulgar comedy as they compete to be maid-of-honour at their friend’s wedding.

Comedienne-of-the-moment Kristen Wiig co-wrote the script herself, and her popular comic charisma carries this further than it would without her. Much touted as a female equivalent to gross-out male sex comedies, this is comparatively discreet yet no less funny for it, and stands as a ripe riposte to all those middle-brow click flicks with the word “wedding” in their title.

“A stiletto-sharp, raunchy, no-holds-barred yuk-fest that stands as a worthy female counterpart to the likes of ‘The Hangover’.” ~Tom Charity, CNN


Paul Feig



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