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Blue Bayou

1h 59m Drama 2021

AroView: Deeply affecting drama about the impact of America’s inhumane citizenship laws on a Korean-American adoptee and tattoo artist, who unexpectedly faces deportation from his home and family in Louisiana.

Based on many real life stories of unnaturalised adoptees who face similar circumstances, this was a labour of love for writer-director-star Justin Chon, who spent four years researching and writing the script.

“As Chon calibrates a wide variety of emotions, allowing space for all the agonies, ecstasies, repressions and excesses, he crafts a tale of intergenerational traumas and personal redemptions that is an emotionally complicated yet ultimately cathartic viewing experience.” ~ Katie Walsh, The Seattle Times


Justin Chon



Closed Captions [CC]

English [cc]


USA, Canada


NBC Universal

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